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Available from April until October. Our Wine Slushie drinks and mixes are available when in season and made with Ridgewood Winery flavored wines. Slushie flavors change weekly.



Available November thru March. Our featured seasonal wine is Warm Winter Spice and/or Hot Butter Rum. Stop in for this delicious seasonal treat. You won’t want to miss it!


Tastings are $7 each and include a complimentary tasting glass and choice of 5 wines. For more details, please view our full Tasting Policy


Ridgewood Winery offers a Private Party Wine Tasting Service for your convenience. For more details, please view our Private/Group Wine Tasting Party Policy


There is a 10% discount when purchasing our wines by the case.
Not interested in a case of the same wine?
No worries, cases can have a mix of different varietals.


Sweet Wines

  • Summer Blush (watermelon)Our natural flavored Watermelon Wine! The finest watermelon wine on the East Coast. Wine cooler style, easy to drink summer-time specialty– the colder the better.
    750ml Bottle$20.501.5 L Bottle$37.00
  • SangriaAnother cooler style red wine with all the fruit flavor in the bottle no need to cut & slice fruit for this one we already did it!
    750ml Bottle$20.501.5 L Bottle$33.00
  • Olde OrchardA blend of white varietal grapes and apples to give the consumer a pleasant Granny Smith apple aroma, flavor and crispness with just enough sweetness to offset the tart apple.
    750ml Bottle$19.811.5 L Bottle$37.00
  • DiamondWell balanced flavor, sweetener and acid makes this sweet wine a winner everyday.
    750ml Bottle$17.001.5 L Bottle$29.50
  • Strawberry RoyaleSeasonal fruit wine, if you like fresh strawberries this wine is fruit in a bottle beautifully balanced for best flavor and appeal.
    750ml Bottle$18.751.5 L Bottle$36.50
  • Peach SplenderAt Ridgewood, fruit wines are made from fruit juice 100% fresh in season peach juice is used to make this smooth & light tasting summer drink.
    750ml Bottle$20.001.5 L Bottle$34.00
  • Blackberry100% blackberry juice, full bodied sweet / dessert wine. ** PA best fruit wine 2015**
    750ml Bottle$23.001.5 L Bottle$38.00
  • Underground (blackberry merlot)A blackberry/unoaked merlot Semisweet wine full body and mouthfeel with a richness to please both dry and sweet palette.
    750ml Bottle$20.301.5 L Bottle$37.00
  • ConcordNot a heavy syrup style wine but still Grandmas grape juice with a nice punch. More flavor than our Diamond but not as strong as our Niagara, nice light red wine.
    750ml Bottle$13.501.5 L Bottle$23.00
  • NiagaraThe big sister to the Diamond, heavier mouth feel and body with a much stronger grape flavor.
    750ml Bottle$17.001.5 L Bottle$29.50
  • FredoniaSemi-sweet red wine, similar to a Concord but with a touch of tartness & light mouth feel great chilled any day.
    750ml Bottle$18.001.5 L Bottle$32.00

Dry White Wines

  • VignolesSmooth, well balanced semi-dry white wine, citric flavors with touch of natural sweetener.
    750ml Bottle$18.00
  • GewurztraminerUnique & Interesting, strong floral aromas but fruity in taste, your palate with think it’s a sweet wine but it’s not.
    750ml Bottle$20.00
  • ChardonnayAlmost naked! Produced in an old-world style and lightly oaked. Very smooth and easy to drink slightly cooled.
    750ml Bottle$21.00
  • Ridgewood WhiteThis is our Sauvignon Blanc. The juice comes from Australia so it makes it very smooth with a light citric finish.
    750ml Bottle$21.00
  • RieslingTrue Pennsylvania Riesling. Crisp & natural, distinctive light grape flavor, stainless fermented.
    750ml Bottle$21.00

Dry Red Wines

  • Ridgewood RedReal fruits and spice, bold flavor, smooth finish that keeps on giving.
    750ml $22.00
  • Cabernet SauvignonLight earthy tones and smooth fruit flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. If you like dry wine, you will like this one.
    750ml Bottle$25.50
  • Cabernet FrancFinished on a blend of oak flavors, light intriguing white pepper and fruit flavors, RW Winemakers wine of choice!
    750ml Bottle$24.00
  • Pinot NoirLight earthy tones and smooth fruit flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. If you like dry wine, you will like this one.
    750ml Bottle$23.50
  • MerlotPlum & tree fruit flavors, American oak finished, very smooth and easy for red wine beginners!
    750ml Bottle$25.00